: 19 of 26
: Emergency Only
: Korku
: Ron McCain, Vincent Locke,
: Gary Reed, Mark Bloodworth,
: İngilizce
: 1991
Dan decides that he and Joey need to leave the city. Conditions are getting worse on the outside and trying to hide within a "normal" city isn't helping, just delaying the inevitable. A new group of humans is introduced. This group is from Michigan. John is the leader and he is joined by a college student, Stacey. Stacey is a woman who realizes that everyone must deal with the new world and resign themselves to that simple fact. Wayne and Albert are two men sharing a motorcycle and coming from Buffalo. They are heading to Traverse City because that's where Albert's parents are. Wayne is just along for the ride...he is a survivor and intends to teach Albert the ways and means of living in this dead world.
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